Turkish Road Association (TRA)

The Turkish Road Association (TRA) has been established in accordance with the Act of "Republic of Turkey, The Council of Higher Education (CoHE)" under the chairmanship of General Directorate of Highways (GDH) in collaboration with Middle East Technical University of Ankara and Technical University of İstanbul.

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TRA By-Laws

The “Association” has been established, in accordance with the paragraph “m” of the Article 7  of the Council of Higher Education Law number 2547, which has been amended by the law number 2880, in order to contribute to forming an adequate and secure road network in well harmony with the other transportation systems, and in order to collaborate with the concerned national and international bodies for carrying joint research and work in this area, by the members of universities, public organisations and the private sector ....

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Becoming a driving force in bringing related stakeholders in every field of road transport in Turkey and in seeking solutions in the light of scientific developments.

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