12 December 1991 - 13 December 1991

    A Technical Meeting was organized by Turkish Road Association on December 12-13, 1991 with the aim of informing our members the typical engineering practices within the framework of our Motorway program which became an international interest focus; and also inform them about the technical problems and their solution we have encountered while carrying out our Motorway Program. The Meeting was organized under the name of "Geotechnical Problems and Solutions on Motorway Construction in Turkey" and comprised of several new technologies which were mostly implemented for the first time in our country in Geotechnical field. The Meeting was very welcomed with appreciation among the technical staff of our universities, public and private sector.


    22 September 1991 - 28 September 1991

    48 Turkish Delegation, of which 5 was official and 43 was from Turkish Road Association, attended to the "19th World Road Congress" which was organized by PIARC on September 22-28, 1991 in Marrakech, Moroco. The World Road Congress of PIARC takes place every four year in one of the member countries and brings together the famous road authorities and expets of the world and the delegation have the chance to follow up the recent technological developments and exchange of ideas on roads. 



    27 May 1991 - 31 May 1991

    "IRF Regional Conference for Europe" was organized by International Road Federation (IRF) on May 27-31, 1991 in Beograd, Yugoslavia. The Conference dealt with the topic of East-West road relation by taking into consideration of the importance of new situation which was occurred after The Soviet Union had collapsed. 44 delegations from Turkey attended to the Conference and Turkey's paper "The Management of Motorway and Its Financing", which was considered as an attractive component of our Motorway Program and was named as "Turkish Model", was followed with great interest. The Conference was very beneficial from the point of view of Turkish international exchange of information.



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