11 October 2011 - 13 October 2011

    At the Congress where Mr. Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, gave a speech at the opening session, the participants made remarkable presentations throughout seven sessions and four panel sessions.
    In the course of the Congress programming process, the names of the guest speakers were established, technical papers were collected, and at the end of the studies carried out by the Congress Science Committee which had been formed accordingly, the papers to be included in the presentation and the booklet were selected, and the Congress Steering Committee finalized how the sessions and panels would be organized.
    The papers sent for the Session entitled Technical Aspects of the Congress and Highways were consolidated and published as the book of “Papers” which was distributed to all participants during the Congress. The presentations given at the Congress will also be published as a book entitled “Presentations” as it would provide guidance for future endeavors and prove to be a useful resource for those who are interested. It has been agreed that, considering the advantages the 2nd National Congress on Highways, each session and panel of which drew great interest, brought along for the country, it will become a convention and held once every three years.


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